Serving the Marine Industry since 1936

Anode Production Procedure

The aim of Katradis Group of Companies to build quality is to:

  • Evolve quality measures for all life-cycle phases of services and products in order to be able to satisfy the customers
  • Set up systems, procedures and standards to minimize errors & defects and continually improve levels of quality

We want to be the leading supplier of high quality products and services worldwide. In this respect, it is our guiding principle to provide our external and internal customers with a level of quality and service that consistently meets or exceeds expectations through the following practices:

  • Continually maintaining and improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System (QMS) - Periodic review of current quality policy and objectives to ensure its effectiveness and suitability.
  • Meeting or exceeding customer and organizational requirements - Constant striving for quality products that meet or exceed the customer's and/or organizational requirements.
  • Recruiting the best scientific & technical staff - Training those people on our system and made them focus on executing processes flawlessly.