Serving the Marine Industry since 1936

Mission statement

Katradis’ target is to demand and gather the best available first raw materials and to transform them in the best mooring ropes available, globally. Also to provide all the necessary equipment and to find the fast, performance based solutions that international shipping demands.

Research and Development (R&D)

At Katradis, research and development has been the cornerstone of our activities, since 1936. Today, our experts are working across our business at the intersection of technology and industry to meet some of shipping’s toughest demands.


At Katradis, sustainability means aligning our business strategy to meet shipping needs and advancing methods of production. This commitment is embedded at every level of our company on day-to-day safety and compliance to the strictest shipping regulations around the world.


We are repositioning Katradis to be the world’s best marine ropes manufacturer while focusing on driving infrastructure leadership, investing in innovation and achieving a culture of simplification to better serve our customers around the world.

Green Technology

Katradis growth strategy is based on enhancing resource productivity and reducing environmental impact commercial solutions for our customers and through our own operations. As a part of this strategy, we are investing in cleaner technology and business innovation, developing solutions to enable economic growth while avoiding emissions and reducing water and gas consumption, committing to reduce the environmental footprint in our factory operations.

Advancing fiber technology

We are always advancing in producing mooring ropes and electronically controling the whole process of engineering through the highest industrial standards. At Katradis, pursuing excellence at every stage of production is our main goal.