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Maran Tankers Management selects Spectra-Siri for the newbuilding VLCC vessel MARAN ANTIOPE

Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) are included in the category of the largest tanker vessels with a size in excess of 250,000 DWT, transferring huge volumes of crude oil around the world. In the critical and demanding task of securing such ship into a terminal, our strong and durable Siri HMPE mooring ropes made of Honeywell's Spectra fibers is the ideal choice for safety and high performance in mooring operations.

5 reasons Spectra-Siri ropes outperform the competition and are ideal for VLCC tanker vessels

With several benefits over competitive high modulus ropes and also steel wire ropes, our Spectra-Siri is the choice of MARAN Tankers Management Inc. for the mooring equipment of the upcoming newbuilding VLCC vessel MARAN ANTIOPE.

Benefits of Spectra-Siri ropes for VLCC tanker vessels

Ease of handling, excellent mechanical properties, high tenacity, negligible maintenance costs and very long service lifetime are five key characteristics of Spectra-Siri ropes which are manufactured under our very own Siri heat-setting technology and have been approved and certified as per the latest guidelines of OCIMF (MEG4, Mooring Equipment Guidelines 4th edition).

Hellenic Maritime Forum Online

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Euro-American Shipping Forum

We are very excited to be part of Euro-American Shipping Forum! Can't wait to see you all at 15th-16th of September 2020 (Online).

Training Seminar for DynaCom & DynaGas 26-06-2020

A new Mooring Rope Training Seminar has been accomplished on Friday 26th at our Factory Premises. Our experienced Chemist Akis Zigouris assumed the detailed presentation of the new technologies regarding mooring production and operations.

Fully prepared for the queries from DynaCom & DynaGas Marine Executives, our experienced team explained everything the new MEG4 Regulations of OCMF and their effective implementation on board.

Sharing the same passion with two of the most forceful Maritime Companies about Safety and Ropes, led us on to another successful and meaningful Training Seminar.

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Factory day-tour and Rope Breaking Test for TMS Dry Ltd. Company by Katradis Team

Katradis Marine Ropes Industry SA hosted the maritime professionals of TMS Dry Ltd Company at their factory premises.

All-inclusive tour inside the Factory with presentation of the whole HMPE Rope Production Process, as well as the splicing procedure, and of course analyzed advanced technology methods used.

Hereupon, a fully controlled Rope Breaking Test was held, in the presence of the experienced Captains and Marine Departments Directors of TMS Dry Ltd. which confirmed the quality and reliability standards of the Katradis Company's products, in action.


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Training Seminar for Eastern Mediterranean Maritime 04-06-2020

The scheduled meeting between the representatives of the Katrades Group of Companies and the administrative staff of Eastern Mediterranean Maritime, took place with absolute success, on the subject of the analysis of the MEG4 Regulations in mooring operations and their effective management.

Our experts were there to share information about all the new MEG4 data and also to cover any possible queries about the new era in maritime safety.

We would like to thank all the participants Marine-Operation-Technical-Quality Managers for their excellent hospitality and constructive discussion at their headquarters.

It is a great honor for us to know that one of the largest companies in the shipping industry has trusted us once again.


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High Performance Rope Installation for Unisea Case Study

Siri® High Performance mooring ropes were installed by Katradis expert technical staff in 2 new building oil tankers of Unisea Shipping LTD, where their performance, quality and reliability exceeded expectations. The new technology tankers, built at Korean Samsung Shipyard, required high quality and technologically advanced ropes, which are approved by OCIMF with MEG4 certificates.

During the installation process, Katradis technical staff was as well on board and apart from completing the installation, they also trained the vessels’ crew according to Neptune training program, on how to handle but also on how to maintain the ropes.

Floor Standing Dispensers against Covid-19

Katradis Group offers a wide range of floor standing dispensers for Hand Sanitizer, Tissue and Face Mask dispensers, in order to provide a full coverage against Covid-19.

Covid-19 Dispensers

You can choose from a vast variety of Hygiene Pedestal Kits (Floor Standing or from Table Dispensers), based on your needs.