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NIKA-Siri® X-12: A new rope for extreme operations

Katradis Marine Ropes Industry SA presents a new addition to its High Modulus products range: The NIKA-Siri® X-12 rope.

In the attempt to fulfill the tugging industry's need for a more durable rope that will last more and will perform better, Katradis R&D engineers designed this new special construction, where each strand is over-braided with strong and durable yarns that protect the UHMWPE load bearing strand's core.

Early trials showed significant endurance against the extreme conditions of a tugging operation, giving us the confidence to state that NIKA-Siri X-12 is a unique rope that outperforms all conventional tugboat High Modulus ropes.


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10th Shipping congress "Shipping Finance & Capital Markets"

Katradis group of companies will be participating as a sponsor in the 10th Shipping congress with subject "Shipping Finance & Capital Markets". The event will take place on Wednesday 10th of January 2018 at Athens War Museum. This is a good opportunity for the participants of the event to meet with our sales representatives so as to talk about the new developments of our products and services.

2017 Annual Meeting of Marine Technology 12-13 December 2017

Katradis Marine Ropes Industry S.A., sponsoring the 2017 annual conference of the Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology on 12-13th December at Eugenides Auditorium Foundation, presented the latest developments of our factory in the synthetic mooring rope production.

The Chemical Engineer Ms. Theodora Tyrovola, scientist of our Research and Development department, made a presentation on the Implementation of Innovative Technologies on Marine Ropes where she talked about the challenges and the ways to secure the safe mooring of the tanker, LNG & LPG vessels. Emphasis was given in the importance of the proper production techniques of the high performance ropes by analyzing the type of yarns used for their production and in the compliance to OCIMF's regulations & recommendations and various relative standards. Products for protection and maintenance of the mooring ropes were also presented. Various advantages over the use of steel wire ropes were also detailed.

Concluding, the unique manufacturing processes used in our factory were described resulting in the production, among other ropes, of the high class and superior " NIKA- SIRI®" line of High Performance mooring ropes.

Katradis will participate at the H.M.I.T.'s annual conference next year as well.

New ISO Standard for Crane Wire Ropes

A new 5th edition of ISO 4309:2017 has just been issued for the care, maintenance, inspection and discard of steel wire ropes used on cranes and hoists.

The new edition is technically revised and cancels & replaces the 4th edition of 2010.

It contains, among others, the following changes:

  • Magnetic Rope Test (MRT) methodology and discard criteria are introduced, as an aid to the internal inspection of wire ropes
  • Guidance is given on when to use magnetic rope testing and how to combine its results with other inspection results
  • An example of an MRT report is provided

We, at Katradis Group, as per our ISO 9001 & in-house quality procedures, study the new standards, check the amendments with the previous edition and implement the new specifications / modifications immediately. The standards reflect increased safety levels and their purpose is to inform the Industry and end-users about changes that have to be followed.

A copy of the new "ISO 4309:2017 Cranes -- Wire ropes -- Care and maintenance, inspection and discard" standard can be obtained from:

Nor Shipping Exhibition: May 30th to June 2nd

The Katradis Group of Companies takes this opportunity to invite you to the Nor Shipping 2017 Exhibition, which will take place in Oslo at the Norway Trade Fairs convention center between May 30th and June 2nd.

It will give us great pleasure to see you there and inform you about our new products and the latest developments in our worldwide network. Booth Number : C03-14a

Seatrade Cruise Global Exhibition: March 5th to March 8th

The Katradis Group of Companies takes this opportunity to invite you to the Seatrade Cruise Global Exhibition, which will take place in Fort Lauderdale at the Browned County Convention Center between March 5th and March 8th.

It will give us great pleasure to see you there and inform you about our new products and the latest developments in our worldwide network. Booth Number : 13

New Stock Point in Australia

As part of our continuous effort to serve our customers in every corner of the world, we are proud to announce we now stock our high quality mooring ropes in Australia as well and more specifically at the major port of Brisbane from where we can also serve the ports of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle and Darwin.

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Katradis Group Companies Join Green Award

The network of Green Award incentive providers has gained new members. Two companies of Katradis Group have demonstrated their support to the best practices in shipping by joining the Green Award scheme. Discounts on onboard mooring equipment are now available to ships holding the Green Award certificate.

Green Award brings together ship managers, owners, ports and maritime service providers committed to reducing their environmental footprint and implementing the highest standards of safety and quality. Ship managers – certificate holders – have their offices and ships inspected in accordance with the Green Award requirements that go beyond the statutory industry regulations. If they meet the requirements, they are awarded with a Green Award certificate and are entitled to various benefits provided by ports and maritime service providers.

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