Case Study
Choosing Mooring Ropes for the Tanker Kimolos
Choosing Mooring Ropes for the Tanker Kimolos

Choosing Mooring Ropes for the Tanker Kimolos

Choosing Mooring Ropes for the Tanker Kimolos

Choosing Mooring Ropes for the Tanker Kimolos

Choosing mooring ropes for the tanker Kimolos

Kyklades Maritime Corporation is a Greek shipping company that since 1985 has been known for high standards, maritime tradition and professionalism. Its excellent worldwide reputation has led to trading with Major Oil Companies.

Katradis Marine Ropes Ind. shares this passion for excellence and high standards. This has led to a longstanding cooperation between the two companies. Specifically for more than 5 years , Katradis has been the exclusive supplier-manufacturer of UHMWPE mooring ropes for Kyklades Maritime Corporation with NIKA SIRI® S-12 mooring ropes.

The newly built Tanker Kimolos
Kyklades Maritime

NIKA-Siri® S-12 mooring ropes have equipped all 7 new technology oil tankers of Kyklades Maritime Corporation. The ropes’ performance, quality and reliability exceeded expectations.

So naturally, when the time came to choose mooring ropes for MT “KIMOLOS”, a Suezmax new technology tanker built at the Japanese JMU shipyard, Kyklades Maritime Corporation turned again to Katradis.

Capt. Panteleimon Trikoilis

General Manager of Kyklades
Maritime Corporation

After our experience in four AFRAMAX and three SUEZMAX using UHMWPE NIKA-Siri® S-12 mooring ropes, I would like to highlight the most important advantages and the reasons why we aim to continue equipping our vessels with these ropes.

  • NIKA-Siri® ropes are easy to handle during mooring operations due to their light weight.
  • With wires, the vessel's deck needs cleaning after almost every other mooring operation due to grease residue. Using NIKA-Siri® ropes this task is avoided.
  • The sides of the vessel remain clean and with no abrasions after mooring operation.
  • Their weight is significantly lighter than that of the wire which means that their (air, sea or land) transport is more economical, faster and much easier.
  • With proper use and handling, their life-cycle can be longer than the one of typical wire or other HMPE mooring rope of competition.

The above advantages in conjunction with the excellent service and Customer & Technical support by Katradis Marine Ropes Ind. render their use a valuable option. Last but not least, we would like to emphasize that our cooperation has helped our company run smoothly and has led to a respectful business relationship between our two companies.

Capt. Giorgos Ouzounidis

Master of the new tanker KIMOLOS

I have been using Katradis ropes from as long as I remember myself in the ships. The first thing that comes to mind when hearing the name “Katradis” is reliability and safety. For many years at KYKLADES company I have been using NIKA SIRI® ropes, which are UHMWPE. They have served me very satisfactorily in multiple ways as they do not stain the deck with grease residues like the wire ropes, they do not abrade deck – bitts – chocks, they are very lightweight and do not require the heavy maintenance like the wire ropes.

I also get a safe and easy mooring in difficult terminals and ports, where wire rope requires too much labour, time and great effort. For instance, in Wilhelmshaven port, Germany, we now operate an easy mooring with NIKA-Siri® ropes. Mooring in this port is done with bendens where the whole procedure with wire ropes is very difficult because of their weight. Now, mooring operation with NIKA-Siri® is much more simple and safe and mooring time has reduced to 1/3 of what it was with wire ropes.

Rope Installation
Quality Control

Safety, Power, Simplicity, Uniqueness

Katradis Marine Rope Ind. equipped the vessel KIMOLOS with NIKA-Siri® S-12 DB mooring ropes. It is a safer mooring line with very low snap back, maximum strength with high quality UHMWPE fiber and very easy to use and handle.

NIKA-Siri® is produced with the unique Siri® Heat Setting Technology and superior Nika® Lube Coating that enhance to the maximum the High-Performance ropes’ superior characteristics.

Data of case study:


Vessel Type: Crude oil tanker
Gross Tonnage: 82602
Summer DWT: 157000 t
Built: 2018 - Shipyard JMU – Japan
Company : Kyklades Maritime Corporation

Mooring Ropes

Name: NIKA SIRI® S-12 DB
Fibers Type: UHMWPE
LDBF: 90 t
Diam: 34 mm
Construction: Siri® Heat Setting Technology
Manufacturer: Katradis Marine Rope Ind.

The NIKA SIRI ropes installed from the Katradis’ technical support team at Tsu JMU shipyard in Japan.