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Advantages of compacted wire ropes

Advantages of compacted wire ropes

  • Higher flexibility

  • Bigger metallic area

  • Higher breaking load thus allowing for smaller diameter 15-20%

  • Larger surface contact area

  • Lower contact pressure

  • Increased resistance to abrasion

  • Increased resistance to corrosion (due to outer sealing of the strand)

  • Increased resistance to mechanical damages / vibrations

  • Compacted wire ropeIncreased resistance to shock loading and whipping

  • Reduction of mechanical stress on both the rope and the sheave, thus extending the life of both the sheave and the winch drum

  • Decrease of damages between the neighboring wraps in multilayer spooling – Better winding on drums

  • Significant Cost Reduction due to reduced rope abrasion and increased service life with less maintenance expense